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beta release in February 2023*.

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(*) alpha version available soon for Android, iOS and macOS.

The App

Reinventing Opera

Bring productions to millions across the globe

ISOLDE is a cloud-based platform for managing and synchronising shared audio and visual experiences for artistic productions. Its user-friendly mobile interface, professional projection application, and web-based production management platform enable synchronised high-quality media rendering on any device, regardless of mobile data connectivity, geographical location, or project complexity.


Our Technology

ISOLDE App is a comprehensive platform that helps industry-leading companies achieve greater success. Our ecosystem of applications has a range of features that were designed to help you connect with new and remote audiences. Nuwa is committed to constantly improving our technology to empower our users to do better. To learn more about our platform and to get a free demo, contact Irish National Opera today. Keep an eye on our website for updates and new features.

Ultra low latency

Using advanced synchronisation protocols, data packaging optimisation and precise system logic, audiences experience close to zero latency, regardless of mobile data connectivity or the IT infrastructure.

Scalable Accessibility

With a scalable architecture in mind, the platform and audience interface have been built with at its core, a high degree of accessibility and conscious UX for people of all ages regardless of their technological literacy.

Secure Business Analytics

ISOLDE provides performing arts organisations with a new way to reach out to audiences, affirm their relevance on today's data driven societies and capitalise on user interaction feedback to make induced decisions.

How the App Works


Synchronised Shared

Our advanced clock synchronization protocols between smartphones, desktops, and servers eliminate variable latency between all mobile devices and the projection room, improving the user experience and allowing for unparalleled audience scalability.

MacBook Pro Mockup-2_0.75x.png


Cloud Based

Our cloud and desktop interfaces allow production houses to plan, perform, and broadcast shows in perfect synchronisation worldwide with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, minimal operational complexity, and without relying on heavy IT infrastructure.

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that
innovation is boundless.

Building on the success of street opera productions, the main stakeholders joined forces to develop a cloud-based solution to enhance the audience experience.


By bringing opera productions to the streets, they increased accessibility, audience independence, and artistic outreach to new heights, inspiring the stakeholders to explore the potential of a proprietary, standardized solution.



“An exemplary project for Next Stage and I hope it will act as an incentive and lighthouse for the future.”

Nicholas PAYNE,
Director - Opera Europa





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